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Premier Farm and Home Lawn Fertilizer Program

We're Premier Farm & Home.  We are know locally as the best place to buy livestock and pet food in Topeka.  However, many folks don't know we provide commercial lawn supplies; like premium grass seed, fertilizer, and herbicides. We supply many of the best commercial lawn contractors in the Topeka area with the knowledge and products they need to make their customer's yards the greenest in Topeka.

We intend to share the same support and products to homeowners!  As a gift to you we have shared our proven lawn care program (below) that is simple and cost effective.  The program is flexible to any budget, and can make your lawn the pride of your neighborhood.


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Premier Fertilizer Program

Seeding or Transplanting

Starter- Used for newly seeded turf and  transplanted trees and shrubs. This fertilizer’s high Rate phosphorous content helps developing roots meet seedling’s demands for establishment. With its 25% slow release for steady green and lasting nitrogen availability this is the perfect fertilizer to get plants started.  

Analysis & Rates - 18-24-12 With 25% poly coated sulfur coated urea or 12-18-05 W/20% PCSCU.  One bag covers 12,500 square feet at a rate of 4 pounds of fertilizer per 1000 square feet.

Mar. 15-Apr. 15

Pre-emergent- This light, complete fertilizer with slow release nitrogen helps turf recover from winter damage and provides a steady spring green. In addition, this product contains a professional grade  pre-emergent herbicide which prevents crabgrass, goose grass, and other annual grassy weeds.  Application will last approximately 6 months. Rate 4lbs/ 1000 sq ft Do not apply if seeding.

Analysis & Rates - 15-0-5 with .19% Dimension or .43% Barricade with 45% poly coated sulfur coated urea or formulated with organics. One bag covers 12,500 square feet at a rate of 4 pounds of fertilizer per 1000 square feet.

May 1-June 10 and September 1-October 10 

Slow Release N- This fertilizer is designed to keep And your turf green and healthy. This product contains Sept 1-Oct 10 slowly available nitrogen for steady green and a special coating to reduce the chance of fertilizer burn.  Phosphorous and potassium may be added to guard against depleted or deficient soils with 32-03-08 W/ 30% PCSCU and 2% Iron.

Analysis & Rates - 32-0-0 formulated with organics and 20% UFLEXX or 32-3-8 with 30% poly coated sulfur coated urea and 2% Iron.  One bag covers 16,500 square feet at a rate of 3 pounds of fertilizer per 1000 square feet.  We also have a 25-0-5 that contains both PCSCU and A nitrogen stabolizer.  1 bag covers 12,000ft2

June 1- July 15

Grub Control- A light summer fertilizer with a powerful .2% Merit insecticide. A well-timed, watered in application protects your lawn from grubs for the rest of the season.

Analysis & Rates - 15-0-15 With .2% Merit and 50% poly coated sulfur coated urea. One bag covers 14,000 square feet at a recommended rate of 3.5 pounds of fertilizer per 1000 square feet.

As Needed

All Purpose- This fertilizer is great for annuals,  perennials, trees and shrubs.  13-13-13 fertilizer can give a boost to any flowering ornamental or food producing  plant.

Analysis & Rates - 13-13-13. One bag covers 6,500 square feet at a rate of 7.5 pounds of fertilizer per 1000 square feet.

October 20 - November 25

Winterizer- A quick release fertilizer will give turf roots a boost before the onset of winter. A properly timed application of this fertilizer is your best chance to encourage food storage for the winter ahead. 

Analysis & Rates - 46-0-0. One bag covers 23,000 square feet at a rate of 2 pounds of fertilizer per 1000 square feet

Note: Timing applies to cool season plants only

Helpful conversion: 1 acre = 43,560 sq ft

Tip:  Measure your yards area by taking the length x width and subtract the area of the house and driveway.  By estimating your area our staff can figure out how many bags you will need.