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Topeka's only place that plants and displays it's turfgrass genetics.

We have expande to over 20 plots since these were taken!

Premier Farm and Home sells some of the best turf-type Tall Fescue genetics for the transition zone and especially Eastern Kansas.  We take the time to look at tested varieties performing well in the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program or NTEP and hand select them, using a special genetic mapping tool, for our Green Resistor Blend.  Green Resistor is evaluated every year and is constantly updated to insure you are getting cutting edge genetics.  Green Resistor surpasses Defiance in the areas of drought tolerence and brown patch resistance.   Defiance XRE, which has a proven track record in our area.  Defiance has scored well throughout the years and will contain elite varieties. It will remain strong when compared to any 2002-2005 turf-type varieties or older.  Compare to Evergreen Compare to Gardenwise.  Our turf-types have a dark green color, fine leaf texture, and a slower growth habit when compared to K-31 Tall Fescue.

 Look below and see the difference!

Picture of Premier Farm and Home Test Plots

All Above and Below Plots Have Identical Fertility!

Picture of testplots

Above Picture  is of a 1 year old stand seeded previous fall 

 Picture above is of a two year old stand

Above Picture is of a two year old stand